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The core of any performance-based network – whether wired or wireless – is a good design. QOVO Solutions, Inc. utilizes industry-leading tools to survey and design your wired/wireless infrastructure, ensuring that the solution meets the needs of your business and your customers.

Wireless Survey & Design Services

QOVO Solutions, Inc. utilizes industry-leading design diagrams and solutions to build the perfect wireless network for you and your customers. We take advantage of RF analysis and site surveys to map out high-density areas, as well as weak points that may require extra support. This allows us to visually design and demonstrate a solution that demonstrates where access points should be.

High-Density Wi-Fi


  • High-density Wi-Fi design for meeting spaces, convention centers, stadiums, and other large venues is key for all busy environments. We ensure that a massive group of users are easily able to connect to the Wi-Fi network and stay connected.
  • The team at QOVO Solutions Inc. has decades of experience in designing and implementing high-density Wi-Fi solutions that have been successfully deployed into large venues.

Hospitality and Guest Networks

  • Your guests expect to have Wi-Fi access readily available. Having multiple authentication portals and payment interfaces can overcomplicate things.
  • QOVO Solutions’ One-Portalâ„¢ was designed from the ground up to support simple, efficient user authentication with or without a billing platform. It is hardware agnostic and can be deployed in any environment – from a single coffee shop location to a hospitality guest solution.
  • Our solutions have been deployed in multiple Hilton, Hyatt and Wyndham properties to support both guest rooms and large event spaces.

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