Mobile Surveillance Solutions

QOVO Solutions has a mobile surveillance system for you wherever you need it! Instead of hiring costly security guards (typically over $12k/month), you can add remote video surveillance with our mobile security trailers, which can be leased for as little as $1,500 per month. (Daily and weekly rates are also available.)

Our systems can be deployed at Construction Sites, Industrial Facilities, Shopping Center Parking Lots, Road Construction, Events and Festivals, Agricultural Sites and more.

Cutting-Edge Camera Technology

PROWATCH uses the latest in HD camera technology.

  • Up to 4 X HD CCTV cameras
  • Live video feed 24/7
  • Live streaming via 4G and LTE networks
  • Camera mast can be raised up to 9m for a wide field of view
  • 360° view for full surveillance
  • Remote triggering of built-in sounders and strobes for audible and visual deterrents

Self Sufficient

PROWATCH requires no external power supply or hardwired network infrastructure.

  • Self-powered by 100% solar
  • Internal battery system can last up to 20 days with no charge
  • No external network infrastructure required as images are streamed over 4G and LTE networks
  • Recording on and off site

Monitoring & Live View

PROWATCH provides remote monitoring and live viewing 24/7.

  • Live video streams feed to remote laptop or Smartphone
  • Onboard strobe and sounders can be remotely activated
  • Remote monitoring 24/7 by Analytic software
  • Share live and/or archived video easily
  • Onboard and cloud storage for 30 days

True Rapid Deployment

PROWATCH can be brought to your site and up and running within 1 hour.

  • All-in-one design
  • Easily transportable
  • Easily erect mast up to 27 ft. (9m) high
  • Once onsite, system can be setup and monitoring within 1 hour
  • No software needed to view on Smartphone / PC

Available Models


Up to 4 x HD Cameras

Motion Detection Alerts

Audiable Alerts

Advacned AI Trigger and Notifications

30 Days of Recording

Interested in a 15-Minute Demo?

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